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Day 54.

I know people have really good intentions when they recommend things like a horrid concoction of fruit and vegetable juices, but I think it is criminal to tell people they might be cured by such things. If these people paid a little attention in biology, they would know that large molecules like enzymes can't be absobed by the digestive organs. Information is power and disinformation is the very opposite.
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I agree Angiek. But, with all the negatives associated with cancer, I remain open to the possibility of help beyond chemo, radiation and surgery. If there is the slightest chance that ingesting non-toxic substances might help, I say go for it. Run whatever it is by the oncologist, and do it. Above all else, keep the faith. Maybe grating lemon rind on my tomato juice doesn't help but it can't hurt. I have never said any home-made concoction will cure anything. Positive thoughts and prayer! Ron
Ron, I apologize for making you think I was referring to you or anyone else on this site. A person whose husband had been through 6 rounds of chemo said that her nutrionist credentials led her to prepare a juice concoction of variouss vegetables and fruits which provides enzymes that deactivate the cancer cells. She recommends it to cure cancer as it did for her husband. I agree that a positive attitude is very helpful, but science is the weapon that has changed the outcome of so many cancer diagnoses. The "Emperor of All Maladies" is an excellent book about the history of cancer. I know that not everyone learned or remembers what molecules can actually be absorbed in the mouth, stomach, small intestines, and large intestines. Therefore, when someone makes claims about enzymes in fruits and vegetables and fruit sugars, I think it is important for those of us that do know the truth to at least mention it so that their lies don't go unchallenged. Maybe I am wrong, but I would certainly want someone to tell me that the blended beet I prepared for my husband would be digested in his mouth, stomach, and intestines and no enzymes can be absorbed there.
I am so with you on this! Heidi
Yeah, people shouldn't push fruits and vegetables as a cure for cancer. Or anything else for that matter. I did like Servan-Schreiber's book though ("Anticancer"). It's quite convincing and doesn't pretend to sell you a cure.
It is awesome and is back by good science.
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Day 51

We finished round 2 of chemo last week and as a result had a rough weekend. This is a cruel disease with a cruel treatment.
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Yes it is,My Dad is one treatment ahead of you ( round 3) and as time goes his bad days are more than his good.
Yes, a rotten miserable disease. We have to kick its butt. Blessings to you and yours. Ron
Hope you are feeling better. I've been thru the TACE treatments and RFA treatments am noe on Nexavar. I have to take that everyday as long as my cancer lets me. You are correct, this is a horriabe disease with treatments that are just as bad or worse.
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